See How Easy Weed Control Can Be

See How Easy Weed Control Can Be

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Lawn Care and More is certified by the state of Tennessee as a Limited Herbicide Applicator (LHA). What does this mean? We can get rid of those pesky weeds in your lawn using effective products. You'll save time and frustration without having to worry about weeds sprouting up on your landscape. Your commercial property will look better than ever once you hire us.

Don't wait to get a weed-free landscape. Call 423-765-3777 now to make an appointment with a Limited Herbicide Applicator.

What are the benefits of using herbicides?

If you want a pristine commercial property, consider using herbicides. Herbicides will...

  • Prevent the growth of weeds
  • Discourage pest problems
  • Improve the look of your property

You need to hire an LHA if you want to use herbicides on your property. Reach out to Lawn Care and More today to schedule your service.